Reclusive, Homebody, Ex-Spy Shows You How to Get a "Shadow Pension" From Some of America's Largest Companies Without Ever Working a Day in Your Life for Them So You Can Avoid... 
The Death of Retirement
Because the American Economy is Changing for the Worse and You May NEVER Be Able to Retire... 
Dear Friend,

I'm officially calling it ---


I'll tell you why it's happening in just a moment, but first, let me fill in some blanks... 

Prior to starting my company, I learned a little known financial maneuver which I used while working at the CIA to create income for cover companies which allowed us to fund some of our operations.

You see, I was a very special kind of Operations Officer. I was what’s known as an Out of Embassy (OOE) Officer. What many used to refer to as a NOC - Non-Official Cover.

My job was to pretend to be a successful businessman, with a global brand who did business all over the world.

And my "cover company" gave me the reason and ability to fly wherever I was needed… to "meet" whoever I needed to… to develop him or her as a contact… then to pitch them on working for me --- to give me the Top Secret information the Agency needed.

Today, I run a thriving investment research company. 

276 men, just like you, subscribe to see how to ensure they can retire comfortably and not have to work until the day they die.

You may know us because of the work we’ve done pulling the curtains back from the bad information, and sometimes flat out lies, told by Wall Street and the US government to keep you broke, working, and paying taxes.

We’ve even helped our subscribers profit by flipping conventional investing on its head by completely ignoring the stock market and all the so-called experts and TV talking heads who are involved in the elaborate pump and dump scheme known as the stock market.

I mention our successes because I believe there is a fundamental crisis hurtling towards us all which could very well spell the Death of Retirement as we know it.

This is why I’ve spent weeks researching, back-testing, and validating this hunch so I can present it to you… so you can avoid the coming collapse of retirement as we’ve known it for the past 100 years.

And once the majority of people realize this crisis is coming, the very social fabric which holds our country together could disintegrate in an instant… bringing with it riots, class wars, and possibly even martial law.

Listen, I don’t relish making this prediction to you, because I know it can upend your entire world and cause you to worry about your future.
But it’s important you hear this… so you can be prepared when the worst happens.
I’m simply passing along the logical conclusions to the research I’ve uncovered.

Research which points to a future where the traditional retirement is a thing of the past… 

Social security and Medicare are bankrupt… 

401(k) and IRA accounts are confiscated by the government… 

And runaway inflation puts even the most basic necessities out of reach for most people… maybe even you.

You don’t think it can happen?

History is riddled with countries whose society has collapsed, leaving its citizens fending for themselves in what resembles the Dark Ages.

The most recent example is Venezuela.

On February 5, 2018, the Central Bank of Venezuela announced a 99.6% devaluation of its currency, the bolivar, with the exchange rate going to 25,000 per US dollar. 

This made the bolívar fuerte the second-least valued circulating currency in the world based on the official exchange rate, behind only the Iranian rial. 

And between September 2017 and August 2018, according to the informal exchange rate, the bolívar fuerte was the least valued circulating currency unit in the world.

Inflation in Venezuela hit 80,000% in 2018!

And it can happen right here in the US sooner than you think.

Unfortunately, when we present these facts to the mainstream media and Wall Street firms, they get angry.

Because they consider themselves the "elite" who know what’s best for all of us and don’t want to hear anything which could threaten their grip over our financial lives.

So before I go any further --- I must warn you.
What I’ll say is controversial
It could offend you.

But if you keep an open mind, you’ll know what I say makes sense and is the truth.

And you’ll also see how to protect yourself, your family, your money, and your future.

Because the tools you need to ensure your success, wealth, and thriving are already available to you… you’ve probably just never heard about them before.

This is vitally important to you and every American.

If you listen and heed my advice, you could save your very way of life… even thrive as others are forced to work until the day they die.

In just a moment, I’ll explain how I know these events are about to happen… 

And you can decide for yourself if you’ll heed my advice.

But unlike the talking heads on TV and the so-called experts known as financial advisers, who simply studied for and passed a test, yet now think they can handle your money better than you, I know a lot about finance and the way the world works.

And I want to show you exactly what strategies I use personally to protect and grow my own money and how you can also.

You see, while I worked at the CIA, I learned some little known financial maneuvers to create income using rarely used, almost stealthy ways, to make money as passively as possible.

I call this a "Shadow Pension", because once you know what to do, companies just send you money, year after year, without you ever needing to lift a finger.

But let me assure you… I'm not talking about dividends, or options, or anything like that.

This is something else entirely.

I’ll get to that in just a little bit.

In this letter, I’ll show you exactly what’s happening which is causing our way of life to fail and why if you don’t take action today, you may never be able to retire.
I want you to challenge every one of my facts, but you’ll see I’m right
Your hopes for a secure retirement are ending and the only way to protect yourself is to let me walk you through what I’m doing personally and what I hope you’ll do as well.

Now, I can’t promise you’ll escape the impending Death of Retirement as we know it, but I can say you’ll be in a much better position to have the money you need to have a comfortable retirement while others, maybe even your friends and family, are forced to work until the day they die just to make ends meet.

Let’s back up now and let me show you in the simplest terms possible what’s going on, why you need to be concerned… 

And what I believe will happen in the next 9 - 12 months.

I believe we are about to see a HUGE disruption to our national economy and way of life for every single American.

Basically, our government has borrowed so much money, including from countries like China and Russia, we will soon pay more in interest just to service the debt, than we currently pay for all social programs, like Social Security, Medicare, food stamps, and others.

This, on top of the $3.7 trillion the Fed printed out of thin air between 2009 to 2013 means very soon, runaway inflation will drive the cost of everything you buy through the roof.

When this happens, the Fed, in its mistaken view, will lower interest rates to less than 0% in an effort to spur more spending.
Why will they do this?
Well, the thinking goes something like this… 

In order to stimulate the economy with consumer spending, the Fed lowers interest rates to a point where it becomes a disadvantage to save money.

They believe people will spend money rather than save it, which should stimulate the economy.

But it never works this way.

The effect of this Negative Interest Rate Policy, or NIRP, means all the money you have set aside for retirement, in any interest bearing account, like savings accounts, money market accounts, or certificates of deposit, will begin to shrink.

Because rather than receiving money on your deposits, you’ll be forced to pay banks to keep money in them.

And this means you’ll have to keep working, rather than retire, because your nest egg loses money every time you try to save more.

When this happens --- it’s game over.

You, and every other American, must work until the day you die, just so you can pay your day to day living expenses.

You don’t think it can happen?

As recently as the end of 2018, many countries including Switzerland, Denmark, Japan, and Israel currently have central bank interest rates set to less than 0%.

Again, I say this as an expert who’s seen these policy decisions made in the past by people who think they know best, but refuse to look at simple historical examples.

They always think, "this time will be different".

But it never is.

You may not think things are too bad right now with the economy, but let me tell you some sobering facts… 

Our national debt is exploding.

We're adding more than $1 TRILLION a year to it with no end in sight... and this is with very low interest rates.

When the government is forced to pay higher interest rates just to convince people to lend us money, the new debt could EASILY reach over $2 TRILLION each and every year.

But even more frightening… this doesn’t even take into account the unfunded liabilities and state and local government debt.

What this means is even if every adult were taxed at 100%, meaning every single cent they earn, goes towards our nation’s debt, it would take 20 years to pay off.

But this doesn’t even take into account the additional debt we accrue each and every year, plus the interest which is added.

The fact of the matter is… we will NEVER pay off our debt… at least not in our current economic environment.

The only way the government can ever pay back this crushing debt is to undertake a "controlled" bankruptcy… or to dramatically devalue the dollar.

Either way, the life you’re accustomed to and the retirement you hope for is a distant memory.

Today, the US government owes more money and has more debt than ANY country at any time in the history of the world.

One day, the music will stop… and our economic system will implode.
And the Death of Retirement will be complete
You’re already starting to see cracks in the foundation, whether you realize it or not.

It's becoming harder and harder for the government to convince others to lend us money... 

Add this to the fact many Americans, about 30% to be more precise, have nothing saved for retirement… 

And you can see how dire our situation has become.

When other countries and investors stop buying our debt, we’ll have no more ways to artificially grow our economy.

Don’t think it can happen?

In 1976, after decades of out of control social spending following WWII, Great Britain devalued the Pound by 14% overnight.

The British government thought it would help everyone afford their debts more easily.

But really, it made EVERYONE 14% poorer.

And made everything in Great Britain much more expensive.

By 1975, inflation hit almost 27%... and strikes were rampant in almost every sector of the economy.

Now imagine, when this happens right here in America, and it will happen, the price of gas, heating oil, food, clothing… everything… will skyrocket.

And all the money you saved for decades, so you can have a comfortable retirement, will drop in value… forcing you to work longer --- or possibly forever --- just to pay for your day to day necessities.

You see, debts don’t just disappear… 

And uncontrolled printing of money has enormous consequences.

But there is a solution for you. 

It's our monthly Shadow Pension newsletter and I want to show you how to get... 
A legally required income stream from some of America’s most iconic companies which provide you money to use any way you choose
  •  It requires no financial training... 
  •  No trading experience... 
  •  And no technical experience... 
Here's what it's all about
First, let me assure you… 

I’m not talking about buying or trading stocks.

You won’t buy or sell options contracts.

And you won’t receive puny little dividend returns, either.

As you’ll see in a minute, this “Shadow Pension” can give you a legally required income from almost any company in America today.

If you can log into your brokerage account... then fill in the Shadow Pension code you'll soon see... you can instantly lock in a legally guaranteed income which could be worth thousands of dollars each and every month.

I know this sounds hard to believe, so first,  let me introduce myself since you're wondering... 
"Who are you and why have I never heard of this?”
My name is Brooks Rembert.

I have a wife and two pretty awesome kids.

I live just outside Washington, D.C, and prior to joining the Agency, I already had a pretty busy life.

I was a Sonar Tech in the US Navy on the USS Honolulu (SSN-718).

I got out of the Navy after a couple of deployments and went to college back in my home state of Texas.

After college, I joined the Army and served as a Field Artillery officer.

Then, life got interesting once I joined the Agency.

I left after several years when I met my wife and decided to settle down, but I still serve my country as an officer in the National Guard.

Now... there’s a very simple reason you've never heard of these Shadow Pension opportunities, and you probably already know the answer whether you realize it or not… 

You see, Wall Street and the big brokerage houses have no incentive to tell you about the “Shadow Pension” technique we’re talking about today.

Because once you claim your “pension” from a company, Wall Street doesn’t make any money.

You simply have your income deposited directly into your account, month after month.

And the “Shadow Pension” keeps coming for what could be the next 5, 7, 10, or 25 years.
And with a “Shadow Pension”, while stock investors watched their brokerage accounts crater and fall by 75%… or more… savvy “pensioners” took home over $13,731 and enjoyed vacations, new cars, home improvements, or simply add to their portfolio to leave to their children and grandchildren.

Now, before we move on, there’s always one thing most clients ask at this point once they’ve heard about the amazing power of the “Shadow Pension”... 
“Why are you telling me this?”
It’s a fair question --- because really, I could simply keep the information to myself, make a nice income, and enjoy life.

But, I’ve spent my life in service to others… 

Prior to my time at the Agency, I was an officer in the US Army… so I have a deep-rooted sense of selfless-service and duty.

And the “Shadow Pension” opportunity to so HUGE, it makes absolutely no sense not to tell you about it.

In fact, when I tell you just how big this opportunity is, you may not even believe me… 

You see, the “Shadow Pension” opportunity is worth over $35.2 TRILLION --- yes, with a “T”.

But we’re not just interested in just any “Shadow Pension” opportunity.

The companies we search for and identify make up only about 1% of the total available pool of money.

Unbelievably, this still equals over $350 Billion!

This is money available to get deposited right into your account each and every month.

And the best part? This is the safest, most lucrative ways to generate money WITHOUT putting your money at risk in the stock market.

In fact, whether the stock goes up or down doesn’t matter, because the company is legally obligated to pay you your “shadow pension”.

Even if the company’s headquarters burns to the ground… you get paid.

If they are embroiled in a scandal and lose market share … you get paid.

And if the stock market collapses in the midst of a trade war … you still get paid!

Don’t worry, I’ll walk you through EXACTLY how to claim your first “Shadow Pension” so you can collect thousands of dollars in income THIS YEAR from just one company, but first… 

Take a moment to read what real people, just like you, say about the power of claiming their very own “Shadow Pension”:
"I use my checks to live on. I own my home outright as well
as my vacation home on the beach. So anything I don't need,
I give to my children and grandchildren! I’ve even made down payments on homes for various youngsters."
- Diane Vincent, from Virginia
“I like the consistency of these checks.”
- Bob Sinclair from Boulder, CO
“I’ve collected $20,758. I like the fact the payouts have also
been increasing.”
- James Graft, 71
What will you do with an extra $20,000?
I used this same knowledge to create a “Shadow Pension” for myself once I left the Agency with companies like Diebold, Coca-Cola, and Altria
When I left the Agency over a decade ago, I realized I had in my possession one of the safest, most powerful ways to create streams of income for the rest of my life.

See, while other investors simply buy and hold a stock and hope the price goes up, with a “Shadow Income” you’re legally guaranteed to get rivers of revenue flowing from the company’s coffers into your account.

And while most investors turn their money over to mutual fund managers, you’ll soon find out how to take control of your financial future while virtually guaranteeing you’ll make more money than the so-called “expert” makes in his mutual fund.

This is because 94.83% of all fund managers can’t even outperform a broad index fund.

But you’ll play a completely different game altogether.

One where you don’t care if the stock market goes up or down… 

Or if the Volatility Index spikes to 2008-2009 levels… 

Because you’ll have peace of mind each and every month when up to $5,671 --- or MORE --- is deposited in your account… like clockwork.
1,000s of people… and even other companies… use this “Shadow Pension” technique to create streams of income which flow into their accounts each and every month
The “Shadow Pension” you’re reading about is one of the most under-used, but most powerful income producing “hacks” available to practically everyone in America.

But fortunately for us, hardly anyone knows about it… again, because the Fat Cats on Wall Street can’t get their hands in your cookie jar once you claim your “Shadow Pension”.

In fact, many insurance companies and even other pension funds use “Shadow Pension” income to boost returns for their customers and pensioners.

Don’t forget… pension funds are some of the most highly regulated accounts in America… 

But “Shadow Pension” income is so safe, it still meets the pension funds’ “Prudent Man” qualification guidelines, which is a legal maxim restricting the types of investments which can be used inside the pension fund.

Put simply, it states the fund can only use the money for things a prudent person seeking reasonable income and preservation of capital might buy for his or her own portfolio.

And don’t forget… your “Shadow Pension” is considered safe precisely because the company is legally required to pay you… even if their stock crashes, the factory burns down, and the CEO runs off with his secretary.
Iconic investors like Warren Buffett and BlackRock, the $6.3 TRILLION behemoth investment company, use the “shadow pension” play to create rivers of revenue.
Think Warren Buffet is just a friendly good ol’ boy from Omaha, Nebraska who buys cheap stocks and holds them forever?

Well, yes, but it’s certainly not his ONLY investment strategy.

Because according to the Wall Street Journal, they estimate he’s made about $8.7 billion in “Shadow Pension” income.

Not a bad 10-year run of income for a guy who’s already worth $86.3 billion.

As recently as 2017, in Buffett’s letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders, he wrote:
"I want to quickly acknowledge that in any upcoming day, week or even year, stocks will be riskier – far riskier – than [Shadow Pension Income]."
And BlackRock, the largest investment company in the world, with $6.29 TRILLION under management, uses “Shadow Pension” income in many of its investments for their institutional clients, high net worth customers, and individual investors from all across America and around the world.

In fact, BlackRock earns “Shadow Pension” income for themselves and their clients from companies like:
  •  Bausch Health Companies
  •  HCA
  •  Intelsat Jackson Holdings
  •  Clear Channel
  •  Sprint 
  •  And 1,512 more!
Your “Shadow Pension” is legally required to be paid to you.
You see, while stockholders watch their wealth dwindle during a down market, or even at just the whim of the Board of Directors who decide to slash dividend payments, the smart, savvy investors who claim a “Shadow Pension” from these companies enjoy steady, dependable income for years to come.

And the best part is… 

This income is LEGALLY REQUIRED to be kept current.

So while shareholders are whip-sawed in volatile markets, and watch their dividends get cut… sometimes to ZERO… 

You enjoy long-term, steady income --- month after month --- year after year.
You can make between $2,500 and $4,750 per month without regard to stock market fluctuations, the company board’s decision to cut dividend payments, or selling risky put and call options.
Take a look at some of the most recent “Shadow Pensions” I’ve seen available right now:
  •  $2,929 from Albertson's
  •  $2,181 from Dynegy
  •  $2,872 from McGraw-Hill
  •  $2,340 from Beazer Homes
  •  $4,032 from Frontier Communications
  •  $3,434 from Merrill Lynch
  •  $1,336 from Ford
Claim your “Shadow Pension” from just these 7 companies and you’re looking at $17,788 in income checks alone.

And this is only from 7 “Shadow Pensions”... 

As of today, there are literally 100s of opportunities, just like these.

Ok, by now, you’re probably wondering…
"Why would these companies pay me a pension?"

In truth, the companies have no choice but to pay you when you claim your “Shadow Pension”.
It’s true… 

Once you decide which company to claim your “Shadow Pension” from, they are LEGALLY REQUIRED to pay you… 

Even before they dole out bonuses to their Executives and Managers… 

Or before they pay out dividends… 

Even if the company goes bankrupt --- you have priority over shareholders in claims to the company’s money.

How much more peaceful will you feel knowing your “Shadow Pension” is required to be paid… even before the Fat Cats in the C-Suite get their yearly bonuses?

And if you’re worried about a stock market crash… your “Shadow Pension” protects you better than practically any other investment product available.

Take a look at L Brands, the parent company of Victoria's Secret… 
Each of these investors uses the “loophole” to create income to fund their operations, make extra money to pass on to beneficiaries, or create the lifestyle they’ve always wanted in retirement.
So how is it possible to get a legally required “Shadow Pension” income with ZERO risk from the stock market?

This is exactly what I’ll show you in a special blueprint report I’ve put together which explains how you could claim over $100,000 in “Shadow Pension” income in the next 12 months.

It’s called… Shadow Pension: Your Guide to a Six-Figure Income and it's yours free with a subscription to our monthly Shadow Pension newsletter.
It’s part of a research service we run to identify the absolute best, highest income producing “Shadow Pensions” while keeping you away from the roller coaster of the stock market.
Your blueprint shows you “Shadow Pension” incomes you can claim TODAY to produce up to $3,587.

The bottom line is:

Shadow Pension: Your Guide to a Six-Figure Income gives you a way to boost your monthly income…

Without spending all day at the office…

Or staring at a computer for hours at a time…

And without the stomach-churning ups and downs of the stock market…

Because it’s so easy… 
When you get your special blueprint, you’ll discover my best recommendations which will start paying you income checks as soon as next month…
And once you see what it's all about --- you'll see just how easy it is.

Because all you have to do is simply log into your brokerage account, type in the appropriate code, and voila… these companies are now legally obligated to make your “Shadow Pension” payments to you.

All told…
It should take you less than 6 minutes to secure legally guaranteed income checks for years to come
Which sounds more relaxing…?
Staring at your computer screen each day watching the gyrations of the market…

Or spending 6 minutes logging on, typing in a code, and pressing a button?

Some people ask if this is risky…

After all, how can your money be safe and secure if you’re not constantly watching the market and staying up on all the latest news?

We’re conditioned to think making money is hard…

That it requires vigilance…

And specialized knowledge of P/E ratios, Book Value, and all the other metrics used to decipher the “true value” of a company’s stock price.
So safe and secure, you can use your retirement accounts to claim your “Shadow Pension”
And you can use your already existing brokerage account to claim it.

There’s no special software to buy or expensive equipment and hardware needed.

Nope, you simply log into your brokerage account, type in the special codes which you’ll see in just a minute, and these companies are 100% legally REQUIRED to send you thousands of dollars each and every year.

Plus, you’ll also get one or two more “Top Secret” codes sent to you each and every month so you can grow your “Shadow Pension” income from dozens of companies which could ultimately pay you up to $763,650 which you can use ANY WAY YOU WANT TO!

Now, remember earlier when I told you even OTHER pension funds use the “Shadow Pension” hack to create income for their beneficiaries?

And that pension funds are some of the most highly regulated and conservative investment companies around?

And that the “Shadow Pension” meets the pension fund’s “Prudent Man” qualification guidelines, which is a legal maxim restricting the types of investments which can be used inside the pension fund?

CalPERS, the California Public Employees Retirement System, which controls assets over $344.39 Billion, and is the largest public pension fund in America, uses “Shadow Pension” income to make money inside its own fund to pay out to retirees in California.

As a matter of fact, a whopping 23.3% of CalPERS assets are used to collect “Shadow Pension” payments!

By now, some people who read this wonder if this is such an “unknown” income producing opportunity, won’t letting more people know about it mean it won’t be as effective in the future?

Actually no… remember how big I told you the opportunity was earlier?

And how much money companies spend on making “Shadow Pension” payments every year?
There are 100s of opportunities all the time
And each month, your copy of Shadow Pension shows you the absolute BEST recommendation to make between $2,500 and $4,750.

Within a matter of months, you could be making over $77,597 per year in legally obligated income, flowing straight into your bank account each and every month.

And this special report shows you one of the hottest, and highest paying, “Shadow Pension” incomes available TODAY.

Once you read it and take action, you can… 
Get your first check as early as next month
It’s as simple as that…
Once you read your special Shadow Pension blueprint, simply log onto your brokerage account, or call your Financial Adviser, type in the special code which is revealed to you in your dossier, and hit Enter.

Depending on the company's payout schedule, you could receive your first “Shadow Pension” payment as early as the next month.

Imagine how much more in control over your finances you’ll feel, knowing it doesn’t matter whether the stock market goes up or down…

Or any individual stock for that matter…

Your “Shadow Pension” income checks come as sure as the sun rises in the east.

So is a Shadow Pension right for you?

Well, here's something else to keep in mind... 
The income you get is yours to use any way you want... paying bills --- taking vacations --- adding to your retirement nest egg... 
All you have to do is grab your special report, take action, and start collecting legally required income from some of America’s largest, most well-known companies, which could be worth up to 6-figures a year.
Information which cost the CIA millions of dollars to teach me costs you almost NOTHING!
And in fact... with the recommendation you'll see in the special report, you could pay for your newsletter subscription many times over... 

All that’s required to get started is your “Top Secret Dossier”.

It has all the information you need to claim your first "Shadow Pension".

Plus, as a special bonus offer, you’ll get… 

A copy of a secret communique which describes the next hot income producing opportunity, straight from one of my friends who’s still “on the inside.”

It contains several more practically unknown ways to create rivers of revenue to help fund your retirement... or vacations... maybe a new car... or that special piece of jewelry your wife has always dreamed of.

This information alone could be worth up to $14,574. 

But it’s yours, FREE, when you grab your copy of Shadow Pension: Your Guide to a Six-Figure Income.


I’ll also send you  another VERY SPECIAL, "secret" file, straight from my training down at “The Farm” in Virginia.

This information contains some of the best ways to keep you and your loved ones safe and protected…

Ways to make sure your lifestyle and wealth doesn’t fall into the hands of the wrong people.

It's also yours FREE when you get Shadow Pension: Your Guide to a Six-Figure Income.

How much is a subscription to the Shadow Pension newsletter?

Well, before I show you, let me make sure you understand…
If you follow my recommendations... I GUARANTEE you'll make your subscription cost back each month!
All that’s required to get started is your “Top Secret Dossier”.

It has all the information you need to claim your first “Shadow Pension” which could be worth up to $2,125.

There is, of course, one more thing I need to let you know about.

When you get your subscription to the Shadow Pension newsletter today, you also get an… 
Iron-clad, bank vault secured, guarantee that you'll get at least one opportunity to make an income check which pays for the cost of your subscription
How’s that for fair?
If what I’ve told you so far isn’t true…

If your “Top Secret Dossier” doesn’t contain an opportunity for you to make an income check which pays for the cost of your subscription, I'll give you an extra month free of charge.

Simply read your newsletter each month and if you don’t see how you can make enough money to cover your subscription price each month, just let us know and you’ll get an extra month free.

Take me up on my offer today and once you read Shadow Pension: Your Guide to a Six-Figure Income, you’ll agree this is the simple, straightforward path to financial freedom you’ve been searching for.

Then... if you decide if it’s not right for you...

You can cancel your subscription at any time.

In other words, you have nothing to lose by acting today! Your decision to try  Shadow Pension: Your Guide to a Six-Figure Income is 100% risk-free. 

If your special report doesn't show you how to get an income check which is more than your subscription price, you get an extra month, free.

I’m sure you agree that’s a square deal.

You risk nothing... yet... if this works for you...

This time next year you could be drinking cocktails on a white-sand beach…

Smiling so big it threatens to split your face in two...

Forever free from money worries and without a care in the world.

Simply because today, you made the simple decision to join other savvy investors just like you who claim their very own “Shadow Pensions” to receive money every month.
There is one catch, though...
You must take ACTION.
You must read your special report...

And do what I tell you…

Don’t worry, it’s all very simple to follow.

Now, I normally sell our Shadow Pension newsletter for $1,299 a year.

But don't worry --- you're not going to pay anywhere close to this...

But considering how much income you can make when you start claiming your “Shadow Pensions” from some of America’s most well-known companies, you’ll agree it’s a bargain at any price.

Plus, that doesn’t even count the countless other income secrets you’ll get… 
You get full, unrestricted access to the Shadow Pension monthly newsletter
The last thing I want is for you to miss out on this limited opportunity... or any of the other dozens of simple income secrets I can show you...

Don’t wait.

This means, when you act now, you get Shadow Pension: Your Guide to a Six-Figure Income plus your free bonuses AND a subscription to our monthly newsletter... with a new recommendation or two every month so you can grow your wealth.
And when you order today… Your “Top Secret Dossier” will be sent Priority Mail to you so you can get your 1st “Shadow Pension” recommendation right away.

This information is so sensitive, we can’t risk sending it electronically
If there’s one thing I learned from the Agency, it’s to never trust electronic communications when it comes to sensitive information.

It’s why we spent months learning how to physically signal our assets that we needed to meet…

How to make dead-drops to pass along sensitive information…

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